Last of the Last

These are the last of my photos from my time in Amsterdam. Again, I feel bad for not being up to date with my blog, but I have been spending more time doing schoolwork. I haven’t been going too far outside of Barcelona either, so there haven’t been long days of photographic documentation.

On the plus side, I have booked my flights into and out of Istanbul, and hotel room for the second week of December, before I fly home on the 20th! I also have a desire to spend the week before that seeing some of the other big cities in Spain for a few days. Madrid, Seville, Granada, Valencia, all in my “plans,” but nothing is set in stone yet, we’ll see.

Now, onto the pictures. First up, a picture of the boat I stayed on. It requires a bit of a disclaimer: No laughing! It has old world charm (except for maybe the tarp as a preventative roofing measure)!

Hallway to the bedrooms, my room is at the end, kitchen is to the right.

This is the view from the bed.

This is a bike that was obviously just pulled from the canal.

My last day in Amsterdam was spent touring another man-made island with some more cool Dutch architecture.


Look at that intense autumn colour!

I think this pedestrian bridge is called “The Python.”

View from the top.

More nice houses along the waterfront.

Check out this detailed building facade, its effects really change as you look at it from different angles. The same building is below!


Back in the old city of Amsterdam!

I’m not sure what the formal name of this museum is, but it is generally referred to as “The Bathtub.”

This one is pretty self-explanatory.


Goodbye Netherlands! It was short and sweet!


About jasonsedar

My final year of architecture school at the University of Calgary!
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