On the same Tuesday that I was in Delft, I went to Rotterdam in the afternoon. There we had a bit of a tour from a local architect, highlighting many of the landmark buildings and construction projects still underway. History lesson: Rotterdam was basically flattened during WWII, so much of the development since has caused the city to take on a very modern look. There is a lot of interesting architecture, but the European-ness of the city is pretty much lost.

I’ve come up with an approximation of my afternoon tour, overlaid on a photo of this interactive model that was in the civic info center.

I’m not sure what building this is, but I really liked the materiality of the facade.

This is a Renzo Piano project. It was pretty underwhelming. In terms of a facade screen, it’s really uninteresting and boring. The leaning structure thing doesn’t do much for me either. Rem Koolhaas’ De Rotterdam is under construction just behind it.

This is the Erasmus bridge, nicknamed “The Swan.” It is probably the nicest suspension bridge I’ve ever seen.

View across the river.

Another shot of De Rotterdam. It’s actually one of Koolhaas’s older projects, but has taken quite a long time for it to come to fruition, probably because it is so massive, about 160,000 square meters of gross floor area.

Container cranes in the distance.

The Rotterdam Floating Pavilion, the building envelope is an inflated thermoplastic supported on a regular geodesic dome.

The Cube Houses, more strange, Dutch architecture.

Hello, Kitty.


What a strange fit!

Look how excited Maricris is!

Rem Koolhaas’ Kunsthal. Funny story, exactly one week after I was here, 7 paintings were stolen including a Picasso, Monet, Matisse, etc.

It was closed when I was here, but even wandering through the exterior spaces was really cool.

The aspect of reflectivity was impressive, giving an idea of space which isn’t really there and turning an asymmetry into symmetry.

I think this was the architectural association.

And lastly, Rotterdam Central Station. This is a project by Will Alsop, and it’s kind of a mess but seems like when it’s finished it could be really cool. It’s still under construction, so let’s wait and see.

Ok, well that was my trip to Rotterdam. I’ll finish my trip to the Netherlands in a bit. I still have some photos to share, like the boat I stayed on, and a few from Museumsplein, but my internet here at studio is lagging big time and it’s super annoying trying to upload stuff. See ya later!


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One Response to Rotterdam!

  1. Keith says:

    I thought your time at Kunsthal coincided with the missing art. I was hoping for a Matisse for Christmas

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