Nighttime Adventures

The first few days here were really hot. Barcelona’s a really humid place, and despite the temperature dropping a few degrees (it’s about 25 in the day, 22 at night), I’m still sweating lots. School has picked up, which is alright, it’s just weird adjusting to similar work in an entirely new context. I decided I need to get this update out because the festival of La Mercè happens this weekend and I probably won’t be doing any updating during those days. So, here’s what I’ve been up to the last few days!

I’ve been exploring at night, less people, lower temps, and I don’t feel as invasive with the camera as I do during the day.

Gaudi’s Casa Batlló

The roof is said to resemble Saint George slaying the dragon, the chimney being the lance, and the roof tiles obviously representing the scales of the dragon.

Jean Nouvel’s Torre Agbar

This building came about at the same time as Foster’s Gherkin, but the detail and dynamic ability of the facade facilitates a much different architectural expression.

Barcelona has graffiti everywhere. This is some graffiti that my group has encountered during visits to the site given for our design studio.

Finally, last weekend I took a bit of a side trip with some classmates up the Costa Brava to a little resort town called Tossa de Mar. It was a super sunny, warm weekend, got in some beach time, went snorkeling in the Mediterranean, had a great time in general!

This is looking back at the town from a rocky cliff along the coast.

Looking towards the north end of the town’s big beach.

This would be the big beach. There was a triathlon that day, I didn’t compete.

And this is the awesome little cove where I went snorkeling! The Mediterranean is beautiful, a deep, clear blue color with lots of fish! So much fun!

Make sure to check back next week for pictures from La Mercè, guaranteed there will be music, drinks, and lots of things on fire!

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My final year of architecture school at the University of Calgary!
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