Living in Barcelona!

The view from the rooftop balcony at the studio location.

I’ve been in Barcelona for 4 days now. This city is alive non-stop, and everywhere you turn is part of the intense urban fabric. It’s a really crazy place, being here for the next 14 weeks is going to be a really different learning experience. Between trying to communicate in my broken Spanish, beginning to understand the cultural identity of Catalonia, or analyzing the development of the city’s architectural vernacular, Barcelona will definitely be a unique and dynamic experience.

I flew out of London Heathrow on Monday morning. I really enjoyed my time there. I was lucky enough to have great weather the entire time, but growing up in Vancouver, I don’t think I would mind the overcast or rain either. One of my experiences I didn’t mention previously happened during my second trip to the British Museum. That place has all kinds of antiquities, the collection is humongous. Anyways, I ended up in the Prints and Drawings exhibit, and they have a study room where you can request to view originals. I had no idea what I was really doing, I just told the lady at the reception I’m an architecture student and show me some stuff. She went back and found a Master of Art, who then brought out original Piranesi prints for me. Piranesi was a master at the art of etching and print making in the 16th century, and the British Museum’s collection included his series Views of Rome. I didn’t really know anything about this stuff, to be honest, but it was pretty incredible to sit with original prints from the 1700s. The subjects in this series were always architectural, but generally portrayed in a state of ruin.

This made me think about Louis Kahn’s notion that a building should be just as beautiful, if not more beautiful, as a ruin. These prints certainly conveyed that idea, and again I felt lucky to actually have the originals in my hands.

And now, some more pictures from London (with a touch of BCN at the end)!

My last day in London, the tide went out and you could walk down to the river’s edge.

There was a lot of red brick along there, and a lot of….


Here is the top of The Shard, London’s newest skyscraper, Architect Renzo Piano.

London’s city hall had a cool graphic display thing going on.

GPod in action!

Tower Bridge, nice day!

And lastly, yesterday Kurtis and I went to Palau Guell, my first taste of Gaudi. It was really awesome. The detail inside was unreal, and the view from the roof terrace was really cool too!

Early Gaudi, trencadis. =)

I’ll get my camera in action this weekend, with more from Barcelona. I just hate coming across as too much of a tourist. Buenas Noches!


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