Time to fulfill some promises, less stories, more pictures! I’ve walked a ton in the last few days so today I’m sitting in the British Library, not too far from my hostel. This gives me a chance to share some pictures and videos!

Welcome to London!

This is the King Albert Memorial near Hyde Park.

Hey, it’s me at the Serpentine Pavilion! The Serpentine Pavilion is a building designed and built anew by a different architect each year. This year Swiss wonders Herzog & de Meuron teamed up with Chinese artist Ai Weiwei for a subterranean sensory experience filled with cork.

The Natural History Museum, Exterior

Natural History Museum, Interior

The Gherkin, Swiss Re building, 30 St Mary Axe, Norman Foster’s magnum opus, whatever you want to call it.

Richard Rogers’ Lloyd’s Building

Alan in an alley.

Hey, it’s me again! This time at the British Museum.

The Elgin Marbles were actually a little bit disappointing. After seeing so many pieces throughout the museum, you start to realize how sad it is that these aren’t in their original state or intended setting.

Some Islamic glass.

Dusk, September 6

Oxford Street, Architect Amanda Levete

Here is another contemporary British Architect, Thomas Heatherwick. This project is called Rolling Bridge.

It rolls itself up, from a simple span structure to a steel sculpture in two and a half minutes!

Going up!

All done! You’re probably wondering, “HOoooOOWW did that happen?” Well I’m not going to leave you in the dark. Here’s the video!

At the Tate Modern again, with Kevin and Stephen. They got involved with some sort of performance art piece, check it out:

And lastly, here is a Chihuly piece I saw last night at the V&A.

That’s all for now, I’m hungry, it’s time to go find some delicious London eats!

As a final note, Sunday will be my last day here in London, so I probably won’t be blogging again until I reach Barcelona on Monday. And then add a few days as I start school and get settled.

About jasonsedar

My final year of architecture school at the University of Calgary!
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One Response to Finally!

  1. Keith says:

    That roll up bridge is fantastic,who thinks up concepts like that and makes them come alive,does the idea come to them in their sleep?
    So much to see here in France and I am sure,by the looks of things you are finding the same.
    One day you will be designing the Serpentine exhibit!
    Yesterday Mom & I toured Arles and did a walk thru the 2000 year old arena.We’ve got nothing on those Romans, it is hard to beleive the design and structure that they could produce that long ago,and that it still exists.Will any of todays structures withstand such a log existance?

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