Different Worlds

As much as I could criticize Calgary for any number of things, I think I’ve realized that it’s a little bit unfair. In some respects, the city can’t help certain situations like the weather, or the fact that the geography allows for the ever expanding suburb connected by huge troughs of asphalt. I’ve met some pretty fantastic people there, and it’s been gracious enough to foster my education with little in terms of outrageous expenses or setbacks. I finished my summer job on Friday, it being a product of the city’s large job market. I had a great time working with all the wonderful people I met, and hopefully have a few relevant photos and stories in the near future to share with them.

I’m in London now, having spent what seemed like forever at the Calgary airport. The flight wasn’t all that spectacular either. I don’t sleep very well sitting up, apparently, but I did sleep through the dinner service, and tossed and turned  enough to waste away about 7 hours before eating the muffin and yogurt served for breakfast.  Landing here in London was fantastic; despite having to haul a suitcase around on the underground, I couldn’t help but have a smile on for being in a European country for the first time.

My first impressions are that age and history certainly contribute to a provocative urban experience and culture. Every streetscape has some incredible quality about it. Things may be loud and a little dirty, but these sorts of things feel like earned stripes, just part of what it means to be such a historical place.

But, yesterday I was too tired to attempt taking decent pictures or focus on much. I tried to go to the British Museum for a little bit, to spend a couple hours before being able to check in to the hostel. I ended up outside in the plaza, napping, this was actually really nice. I finally got my stuff together, exchanged my rainbow money for some other money with the Queen on it, and headed out to find a place to eat. This story will continue when I find the appropriate accompanying images. It’ll be awesome, I promise.


About jasonsedar

My final year of architecture school at the University of Calgary!
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2 Responses to Different Worlds

  1. Keith says:

    Glad you survived the long flight. Let the journey begin. Have fun!

  2. Sam Gorski says:

    Going to be following your journey and blog! Good luck Jason!

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