Reading 49 – Kolarevic

Integration within the practice of architecture is rebounding with the onset of building information modelling. The formation of space through this realm now requires a greater level of detail and rigidity in order to maintain comprehension throughout the building industry. This comes with sacrifice as the architect may be losing some control over the overall concept as there are now many more cooks in the kitchen, all with varying specializations looking to contribute to a successful project. As Kolarevic notes, the increasing complexity of projects now require disciplines never before consulted, all adding to the generation of space being possibly convoluted. If the architect can maintain a personal level of training in multiple disciplines, (as if not enough are already required), they maintain greater control of the space. Integrative design does not have to rely on numerous professionals for input, but it must utilize a number of different disciplinary approaches. The architect now must be three different kinds of engineer, a mathematician, and ecological consultant, among any number of other professions. Has the role of architect been redefined or lost amongst the milieu? Is it reasonable to think that the architect should handle and coordinate these disciplines or should the builder be responsible?


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