Reading 41 – Bergson

In discussing instances and intuition, the composition of the singular body comes into focus. Bergson describes the body as a series of parts, “congealed matter,” which carries this élan vital, a current of energy that spawns creativity. In the end, it all boils down to the human cycle of energy generation and consumption. When Bergson discusses duration, it becomes clear he is working in the time space continuum, and arguing in favor of a boundless conception of time. While humans generally understand their time is limited to just a few revolutions around the sun, Bergson looks past this. He advocates this existing mass of energy is ongoing, citing the theory of energy conservation where energy can be neither created or destroyed but may only change forms. Going back to creativity, Bergson makes an intriguing case for the processes by which humans create. He words it so as to annotate and clearly emphasize both the start and the stop. The stop is the oft forgotten element but essential to overall comprehension.


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