Reading 40 – Baudrillard

Communication has become a unifying tool, drastically reducing the distance between people and the necessary work to provide answers. As Baudrillard admits, the mystery of information has died. We no longer need theorize the happenings in nations across the globe, it is the television or the Internet which now provides us with this information on demand. The obscenity or ecstasy which Baudrillard speaks of in this case is the desire we all now possess to further our own intake, where we are slaves to the news for fear of being passed by. The interiority which previously insulated our desire for privacy has melted away in the heat of demand. We have seen technology become the purveyor of the public appetite for information. We may soon see the inverse where technology reinstates and revitalizes the personal space and mystery of the exterior condition. There is no telling how this overload of information affects our desires for other phenomenal qualities of life: beauty, horror, etc. Are we more numb to these now that they are explicated virtually through our screens? Would the reinstatement of mystery leave the interpretations up to our imaginations? And does the visual appearance through the screen completely substitute the experience of seeing with one’s own two eyes?


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My final year of architecture school at the University of Calgary!
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