Reading 39 – McLuhan

With technology functioning as an extension of the body, McLuhan’s argument for the medium as the message carries with it very certain ideals surrounding our ability to generate assisting content which we use to satisfy our appetite for information. That this content numbs our senses is no surprise. It seems obvious to the bystander that a reliance on a consistent flow of information will eventually lead to the expectation of continuous gratification. What effect this may have on the distribution and quantity of information is approached in McLuhan’s explanation of hot and cold media. The quality of the information, whether it is highly influential or banal fluff is now inconsequential. It becomes a matter of involvement for the recipient. If we can generate information through cool media, the inclusion of the personal consideration becomes a driving factor. Hot media, in turn, fills all the gaps, there is little room for the mind to navigate between ideas. Architecture, subsequently, can factor in either hot or cold media. The architect becomes the affect, but which is more desirable? Should architecture become something that is entirely creative, superfluous, and embedded with obvious meaning, or is it better served to leave gaps for interpretation?


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My final year of architecture school at the University of Calgary!
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