Reading 29 – Haraway

Haraway’s cyborgs, mere lab pets splayed across a capitalist context, represent the debated human condition as we insert ourselves within a world of technology. The redefining of habitat has greater consequences on our body than ever before. We now inhabit space with our minds more than we do our bodies. The body in space has become a placeholder for a mind existing autonomously within a greater realm than the current physical materiality.

“Primary identification and maturing metaphoric substitution will be produced with other techniques, other writing technologies.”

Haraway brings up the issue of reproduction throughout the essay. The reproduction of the body is now more understood through the surrounding context of space. When the space is virtual, the reproduction is seemingly immediate and of minimal permanence. It can be deleted, brought back to life, transformed and relocated, all within an instant. Understanding bodily reproduction in nature is now reliant on time as a context. The time it takes for reproduction to occur allows us to gain greater understanding and importance from that temporal condition. A broken bone and the reproduction of strength in nature has far greater implications than that broken link in the virtual world. At what point will these natural experiences be translated into something virtual, and what will these experiences consist of?


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