Reading 28 – Hayles

Body boundaries and the cyborg are a growing typology within the argument around what it means to be human. The fact that we are able to juxtapose artificial extensions within the limits of our bodies ensures that humans will continue to replace and evolve the natural with the unnatural. Redefining then, what it means to be human allows our conscience to fluctuate between our natural and base condition to our technological and improved condition. Norbert Weiner’s thinking on the subject of the cyborg would suggest that autonomy remains a critical contingency within the process of remaining human. The separation of our body from mind allows us to maintain freedom of thought while working through a process by which we may alter the body without impacting the mind. Here, probability appears as a cause by which we can analyze and propagate the future body in space. However, as we project in time, the different levels of human-ness vary as well. Is a functioning human brain, set within a mechanical context at all human? To what extent will we change in order to accommodate our desires? As future cyborgs, will humans look to regress to a pre-techne state? And how much physical nature in the body condition do we need to maintain our natural levels of thought?


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