Reading 3 – Tschumi

While violence may stand as a metaphor for the inhabitation of space according to Tschumi, there are numerous other metaphors which may also stand to represent a similar idea with very different connotations. Sex can portray many of the same attributes of violence in architecture, particularly when Tschumi talks about the violation of body and space. In fact, Tschumi makes subtle reference to this alternate frame of mind when he writes, “The place your body inhabits is inscribed in your imagination, your unconscious, as a space of possible bliss. Or menace.”

Of course, Tschumi’s immediate retraction to menace, from bliss, frames his argument, but it should be noted that they can be considered equal and opposite. Sex deserves its rightful place as a modifier in architecture. Whether or not sex and violence can cooperate alongside each other, Tschumi does not say, and it is a problem I would pose as unresolved.

Tschumi touches on sex again later in the essay, writing, “If violence is the key metaphor for the intensity of a relationship, then the very physicality of architecture transcends the metaphor. There is a deep sensuality, an unremittent eroticism in architecture.” Here, Tschumi parlays his violence into a physical, sensual entity, where I think sex can be considered similiar, but it is the reliance on the sensual and physical where Tschumi breaches into fetishistic focus. Violence, in this sense, can not approach the level of resolution or focus that a fetish might.


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