Reading 1 – Orr

The rounding up and categorization for human ecology, with suggestions and foresight into the future, as presented by Orr, comes across as bleak, self-involved, and entirely centered on western-theological ideologies. Capitalism is an overarching theme throughout that Orr completely ignores with regards to major human ecological systems and its effect on nation-states that have seen imperialism destroy previously sustainable human ecology. His suggestions overlook an entire process necessary in the now-developing world, one that would incite change from the ground level up, in order to achieve what he purports.

I believe that Orr puts the cart before the horse here. He identifies a problem, a failing human ecology, subsumed by incompetent design, and responds by suggesting that, through ethical observations, the western god-fearing world will, nay, must come to its senses and rectify all of the wrong-doings that has landed it in this predicament. Orr goes so far as to consider his subjects addicts; he writes, “Our response has been to create distractions and addictive behaviors as junk food substitutes for the totality of body-spirit-mind nourishment we’ve lost and then to vigorously deny what we’ve done.” If this is to be the case, I believe that Orr ignores the huge possibility that, before we can even consider techno-cising our own way out of this failing ecology, we must, like proper addicts, hit rock bottom. Only then, when our shuttered view of our tech-centric world  collapses down around us, and the global population pushes far beyond anything that Orr suggests, can we properly look ourselves in the mirror and understand what it will take to gain back our sustainable human ecology.


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